Church Leaders

As a church leader you’ll be serving a church where a significant number of its members are ‘retired but active’.

That is almost guaranteed, due to there being over 14 million aged 60+ in the UK – and this being the baby-boomer generation that ‘did God’ more than any since.

Indeed, the largest ten-year segment of the UK church is now those between 65 and 75.

Yet church life today tends to focus on the struggle to attract and keep its youth, meet the needs of its families, and care for the very elderly. Meanwhile, what is possibly its largest segment slips through the net.

Those retired and active – no longer in full-time employment but with time, energy, aspirations and experience – are given little attention in respect of their distinct needs and opportunities.

That’s why, as their pastor, and leader –

  • There is much you should know that would help you respond – especially as to what sets them apart from past generations, the distinct challenges they face and what opportunities could be before them
  • There’s much you can do, to enrich their lives by helping them make the transition, deal with the personal and spiritual issues that will arise, and help them live life to the full.

Many of your people will find the transition to retirement hard. Some may even become frustrated at not being able to contribute what they are best at. And, like any other members of your flock, they long to be understood, loved and helped.

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The word retirement is not even in the Bible. What is taught in scripture is transition. There is nothing that says you work most of your life and then get to be selfish for the next 20 years"

Rick Warren, PurposeDrivenLife